Shipping Policy

Shipment of items takes place as soon as possible after ordering. Items that are already made shup the same day or the next day, depending on time of day. Items that are made to order will be shipped in the order of sale and shipping priority. Somemitems may need supplies ordered - I will place that order as soon as possible, and I will keep you updated as to timing, within my ability.

Unless you are a local shop or gallery, I DO NOT make deliveries, do drop-offs, or make appointments for meet-ups. I also do not allow pick-ups from my home. This is a safety issue, and there are no exceptions.

I offer a wide range of shipping options, both domestic and international. Please do not hesitate to contact me prior to ordering for further I formation regarding these details.

I am committed to being as prompt as possible, but I do have a family. Also, please be aware that the postal service has been experiencing some significant delays in processing the mail. If a package has become lost or undelivered, please let me know as soon as you can. Speed is of utmost importance. Also, please be ready to make contact yourself with your local PO - you know your property and neighbors better than I do.

I want your experience with me to be as fantastic as possible! Thank you for making the time to visit with me.